Fitness Brain Games

Want to test your fitness knowledge? We've got some brain games for you! Try your hand at the following quizzes and puzzles and get Fitness Smart!

1) Endurance is the ability to maintain a high level of physical activity for a long period of time. An example of an endurance sport is marathon running. Name at least 5 other sports or physical activities that would require endurance: 

1 - _____________________________________________________________

2 - _____________________________________________________________

3 - _____________________________________________________________

4 - _____________________________________________________________

5 - _____________________________________________________________

2) Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen and blood to muscles during physical activity, especially strenuous activities. How many other words can you make from the letters in cardiovascular:

_________________             _________________       ________________  _______________              _________________    _______________        ________________               _____________          _________________    _________________         ________________         _______________         

3) Muscles are very important and, in addition to other key functions, allow our bodies to have strength and movement. Below is a series of words, but only 5 of them are actually muscles. Circle those 5 and point to where they are on your body:

ankle       throat       deltoids     tonsils       knee       tongue

colon       glutes        elbow       nostril       heel        shin 

biceps      femur        kidney      spleen       triceps     hip

shoulder   stomach      bladder     quadriceps   hand       arch 

4) Nutrition is key for good health as it fuels the body for physical (and mental) activity. Fruits and vegetables are a part of a healthy, nutritional diet. Unscramble the words below to get your daily dose of those foods!

pleap___________                   nanbaa____________            nachpis_____________              earp___________                    colicrob___________                ronc________________

ceuttel_________                   pasbrrieser_________            mattoose____________             pesgra_________                    seap______________               chesaep_____________

5) When you work out or play a sport, you always want to make sure that you are wearing the proper gear. Match the article of clothing on the left column with the activity it would be worn with in the right column.

sneakers                                     surfing

helmet                                       sailing

skates                                       hiking

boardshorts                                 football

knee pads                                   running

flip flops                                    hockey

life jacket                                  snorkeling

snowsuit                                    skateboarding

flippers                                     sledding

boots                                       beachcombing

6) All sports require specific equipment. Unscramble the words in the right column to match the sport in the left column.

golf                                ttupre_______________

tennis                              kterac_______________

baseball                            lovge________________

horseback riding                   leddas_______________

skiing                               lopes________________

field hockey                        tckis________________

basketball                          kcabrdoab____________

cycling                              cyiblec______________

paddle boarding                    dledap_______________

rowing                              roas_________________

7) There are many types of exercises and activities to help you stay fit. Find the 7 in the hidden maze below. Once you find them, try to do them!

                         F   B  B  Y  A  X  P  L  O  M

                         S  Q  U  A   T  S  P  L  R  T

                         L  C   R  U   N  C  H U  V  S

                         B  D   P  L   F  H  K  N  P  W

                         A  G   E  J  N  Q  S  G  O  I

                         E  X   E  R  C   I  S  E  S  M

                         F  Y   S  C  U   R  L  S  A  C