KJ's Fitness Challenge

Every day, KJ's Fitness will post a new fitness challenge. It could be an exercise, a sport, a game, or any physical activity that gets your heart pumping and your energy up. Complete the task and then fill out your KJ's Fitness log sheet..Once you have completed 10 challenges (you can skip around through the list below, it doesn't have to be in order. You can also repeat tasks, but try to do more than you did the time before), email us your completed sheet with your parents signature. You will earn a certificate for the first 3 log sheets of 10 that you submit. After your 4th sheet, you will receive a special KJ's Fitness gift for all of your hard work!

Challenge #1

Run In Place

You can do this indoors, outdoors, in the garage, even on the trampoline! Just make sure you are doing it someplace that has your parents "okay". Lifting your knees up high and keeping your arms above your waist, run in place for 20 seconds (you can either count it out or have someone time you). If you can do it longer, that's great! Take a short break and then do it again. On your log sheet write down how many 'sets' you complete and how long they were. Good luck! 

Challenge #2

Dribble A Ball

Grab a basketball, kickball, rubber ball - any kind of ball you want! Dribble (or bounce) the ball with your right hand 10 times and then dribble with your left hand 10 times. Keep repeating for as long as you can. Then try walking - or running! - while you bounce it. Post on your Fitness Challenge log sheet how many times you did it. And, have fun!

Challenge #3

Jumping Rope

Take your jump rope outside and see how many times you can jump in a row without getting tangled. Keep trying to beat your best score. See how many sets you can do in 15 minutes. Don't have a jump rope? No worries! You can actually use a 'make believe' rope and pretend you are jumping. See how long it takes you to get tired and post it on your log sheet!

Challenge #4

Wind Sprints

Wind sprints are when you run as fast as you can for a short distance. Find a spot in your yard, the driveway, or an open field and bring two markers (they can be anything from cones to shoes to toys to whatever!) Place them about 10 to 15 giant steps away from each other. Start at one of the marks and run as fast as you can to the second one, and then back again. See how many times you can run back and forth between the two before you get tired. Take a short rest and do it again. Post on your log sheet how many sets you can do and how many times per set. Make sure to drink lots of water after!

Challenge #5

Side Leg Series

Lay on one side and lift your upper leg straight up and down 10 times. Then swing your leg forward and backward 10 times. Next, pretend you are pedaling a bicycle with that leg 10 times. After you complete the series with one leg, switch sides and do the same with the other leg. See how many times you can do it on each side and post it on your log sheet. Your legs are probably going to be tired when you're finished! 

Challenge #6

Stand On One Leg/Hop On One Leg

This challenge has two parts. The first part is to see how long you can stand on your right leg only. The second part is to see how many times you can jump on that leg without stopping. Once you have completed the two challenges on the right leg, do the same on the left leg. You can repeat the series as many times as you would like until you get your best score. Remember to post the results on your log sheet!

Challenge #7

1-2-3 Sprint

Take 3 objects (toys, balls, books, shoes, whatever you can find) and place them in a line about 10 giant steps away from each other. Now, start from 10 giants steps away from the first object and run to it and bring it back. Next, run to the second one and bring it back. Finally, run to the third one and bring it back. Once you have collected all of the objects, it's time to put them back. So, take one back to the furthest point. Then go get another one and take it to the middle spot. Now, get the last one and put it in the original position. Not tired? Repeat the series for as many times as you can and post it on your log sheet!

Challenge #8

Step It Up

Find a set of stairs and start climbing them. Climb them as fast as you can (but be careful not to miss a step!) and then walk back down. Climb them as many times as you can. Post on your log sheet how many steps there were and how many times you climbed them before you got tired!

Challenge #9

Run/Jumping Jack

This challenge is a combination that includes Challenge #1. First, run in place for a count of 20. Next, do 10 jumping jacks. Repeat that series as many times as you can and post your total on your log sheet. Try to do it at least 5 times, but you can do as many as 20 (or more)!

Challenge #10

Kickboxing Kick

For this challenge, you get to pretend that you are a kickboxer! If you actually have a punching bag, you can use it. If you do not have a punching bag, you can use a 'pretend' bag. Find a spot where you will not hurt anything or anybody. Kick your right leg up about as high as shoulder level. Then do the same with your left leg. Keep alternating legs. You can also place your hand out high in front of you and let that be your target. Start out by doing this standing in place. Then try walking while you perform your high kicks. Post on your log sheet how many kicks you were able to do before getting tired!

Challenge #11


Stand with your feet a little more than hip width apart and your arms at your side. Next, squat like you are about to sit down while you raise your arms above your head. Try to keep your back straight instead of bending over. and get as close to the ground as you can without touching it. See how many squats you can do before your leg muscles start burning! (And remember to post the total on your log sheet.)

Challenge #12

Climb That Mountain!

Did you ever want to climb a mountain? Well, you can pretend you are with this challenge! They are called 'mountain climbers' and you start by putting your hands on the ground and stretching your legs out behind you. Now, start 'running in place' keeping your hands on the ground. In other words, bring one knee up towards your hand and then bring it back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Do it as quickly as you can and count how many times you do it before getting tired. The more you do, the higher up the mountain you climb! Post your total on your log sheet.

Challenge #13

Where's The Birdie!

Take your badminton racquet and birdie and find a spot in the backyard or an open field. Hit the birdie straight up in the air for as many times as you can without letting it hit the ground. You can walk or run around as you do it. Post your best score on your log sheet. No badminton set in the house? A tennis racquet and tennis ball will be just fine! Or, even a ping paddle and ball. You get the idea!